A 5min interview with Steph, Head of Happiness UK at a top global marketing company in Manchester

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Manchester is home to thousands of amazing businesses and along with them come some great roles across all different sectors.

Steph works at the global marketing company Social Chain as Head of Happiness UK. She’s been working for Social Chain for two years. At first starting off as a Happiness Manager before being promoted to Senior Happiness Manager and now Head of Happiness for the UK. Steph shares her experience and advice for people looking to work in a similar role in Manchester.

  • What is a Head of Happiness?

When I first started out there were no other Happiness Managers in the entire world besides my boss Kiera, so it was about figuring out what we could do with this role, how we could make it into something incredible and ignore the general rules about what a typical office manager should be like and just make it the best job in the world.
My job role is general office management but it’s not a general space. We have a slide and the ball pit. We look after the environment, manage events like our Creative Review on Fridays, all of the new starters and their initiations. Christmas and Summer parties, travel and buying everything the company needs and general happiness and wellbeing of the staff.

  • How does working in Manchester help your role?

As there as so many new start ups in Manchester it’s so good for us to build relationships with new and small independent businesses because we can then support them. We’ve had a gin company come in and do a full pop up for us so they can come and get to know our culture.
Manchester is the hub of companies that want to be the best of the best and companies that want to give back something back to the city and the staff. So this is the best place to have a business and company. Manchester is a new London.

  • Where are your go to places for meeting and working in Manchester?

I would fully recommend places like Albert Schloss and YES. YES have a big rooftop terrace and always have deals on, live music and yoga events, so you can practically spend a full day.
All of the WeWork spaces around the city are absolutely incredible. Or even little local coffee shops like Ezra and Gil, typical places like that.
They might be the most typical places and everyone goes there, but they go there because they’re the best places to be. They’ve got the best atmosphere. The best food and drink. You can actually go there and feel like you’re having a personal meeting in a very public space and there’s not a lot of places that can do that.

  • What advice would you give to someone who’s applying for a people based role?

Above all else do your research, and I’m not just talking about what they’ve been doing in the past week. How did the business start? Who are the main leaders who brought the company for. Who is the CEO, who was the CEO before that? Knowing that information can help you pitch when you’re selling yourself. It’s just little things like that which set you apart from everybody else. Go above and beyond to get what you need to.

  • What apps and websites do you use to manage your time?

I would highly recommend monday.com which is incredible. So working in the Happiness Team everyone’s always working on different parts of jobs. It takes a split second the change things and you don’t have to go searching through notes or emails. It’s there and clear and concise. I’d say for team collaboration monday.com is the best one.

  • How does Social Chain compare to other companies?

It doesn’t compare. This is the best place I’ve ever worked and I don’t know of any other company that says it’s not about work life balance but about life balance. Which is why we have Passion Projects, and unlimited holidays and why we pay a food shop, because we want people to come in and not worry about what they’re getting for lunch.
You want to come in and fully be emerged in the culture and space. I think we’re the only company that truly trusts employees to be adults. You make decisions based on your life and we as an employer will help you and support you in any we can.

  • What advice would you give for people looking to get into a creative role?

Everything that you think you should do, don’t do that. Because everyone else will probably have the same idea. I’d say it’s about completely stepping back and looking at why you think you’re right for that role.
Everything that you are doing needs to have a reason. It needs to have the message that above all else you truly care about the position.
Always be creative with your CV. There’s no rules when you apply for a creative position as well because people will relish in the fact that you’ve taken the time to make something amazing at that initial stage.

  • How would you describe the type of people that work at social chain?

Creative. Insane. Caring. Wild.


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