~ CV ~

  • Spelling mistakes are just not acceptable I’m afraid particularly coming from experienced high level PAs! An important part of many PA roles is to proofread documents…NO excuses!
  • Make it clearer with bullet points and short paragraphs so you can state each task and achievement in a simple efficient way so that they stand out when the client reads your CV.
  • No need to use an original quirky font/colours. Keep it simple.
  • …..obviously not too simple either ie. 1 to 2 page is great and make sure you add at least 5 bullet points/job tasks under each role.
  • Check the dates again and again. It is always so awkward when you realise during an interview that you put the wrong dates on your CV and have to tell the interviewer that you worked as a PA for 2 years not 10!
  • If you use capitals for each new paragraph/bullet point make sure this rule applies to the whole CV. Same with full stops at the end of each sentence/bullet point.
  • The “About me” section should be short and straight to the point. 2 or 3 lines max and make it stand out. Nothing too over the top please- stating that you are THE best Receptionist that ever existed on this planet may not help you at the interview?!

~ Telephone etiquette ~

  • Always answer the phone in a professional manner even if you do not recognise the telephone number. You never know who is at the other end of the phone….could be George Clooney who knows?!
  • When you are about to have a telephone interview make sure you are somewhere quiet and with very good signal.

~ Interview tips ~

  • Smiling is so important- many clients end up selecting the most upbeat positive candidate in the shortlist. They will be working with you every day for a long time so you need to show your most positive self at the interview! Who wants to work with Mr/Ms Grumpy…
  • Speak clearly and loudly enough. If the interviewer cannot hear you then you might as well have stayed in bed watching Netflix.
  • PREPARE and ASK questions in interviews to show that you are interested in the role! Think of pertinent ones and not how many days’ annual leave they offer. So many clients leave the interview disappointed when the candidate has not prepared any question for them.

~ After the interview~

  • Ignorance is definitely not bliss in recruitment! Please always keep your recruiter up to date on your interviews and whether or not you are still looking. You risk missing out on your dream role if you do not communicate regularly with us!
  • Be kind to your recruiter, we work really hard to make your wishes come true and we want the best for you! (I love white tulips and chocolate 😉!).