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Staying up to date with new trends and legislation is crucial in any HR role. So you can stay ahead of the game we have compiled a list of useful blogs and podcasts focused around all things HR:

HR Grapvine is one of the most popular online publishers for HR professionals delivering daily HR news, insight and interviews. This is perfect for professionals who need quick and direct access to HR facts and updates on a regular basis. They also have a daily newsletter.

People Management is also a leading HR publication and the official magazine of the CIPD (The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). They offer up to date HR content and are a reliable source for any upcoming HR legislation.

Evil HR Lady is a humorous and very insightful HR blog set up by Suzanne Lucas, a popular author and speaker with a background in corporate HR. There is plenty of food for thought on there with some interesting HR topics too including employer-employee relationship, her predictions on employee experience post Covid, or why HR can sometimes have a bad reputation.

Ask a Manager is a brilliant resource for HR related questions particularly related to management or workplace issues. This blog covers all kinds of tricky situations and offers advice on a range of topics including when a manager won’t manage, how to take criticism gracefully, and alternatives to firing. If you ever find yourself struggling with a tricky HR situation and are not sure how to proceed then you will most likely find your answer on Ask a Manager.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is the leading professional association for HR management professionals, and their monthly podcast offers interesting discussions around a variety of HR and L&D subjects. They have over 150 broadcasts available with a wide range of guests.

HR Happy Hour is the longest running and top downloaded HR podcast, and focuses on resources, management, leadership, and workforce technology. They have over 400 podcasts available and topics include building a more human-centric workplace, and how to create compelling virtual learning experiences.

HR Break Room offer down to earth informal conversations around HR. They record two episodes a month and invite HR specialists to discuss a variety of topics. The show is lively, and, as its name suggests, similar to a chat you would have with your colleague over a break.

Office Vibe is a platform dedicated to creating a great (and happy) workplace culture and offers a variety of strategies to achieve a positive office environment. The format is very user friendly and interactive, with great infographics.

Have you got a favourite HR blog or podcast? We would love to hear your suggestions!

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