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Thank you!

As we reach the end of our first year I feel extremely lucky to have met so many inspiring individuals and to have received such incredible support from everyone since we launched. Recruitment is all about people, and we could not have done it without you. On behalf of us all at TalentYard- Thank you to [...]

Our handmade Christmas cards have finally arrived!


Café Culture

Finding the right venue to meet with our candidates is not always that easy. Particularly as we are quite fussy. For us, the right level of noise is crucial- too quiet and you end up having an audience, too loud and you leave the meeting completely confused and tired from straining to hear. The right venue also has [...]

Free CV workshop on Wednesday 23rd November 3-6pm- All Welcome!

Come join us on Wednesday 23rd November from 3pm-6pm for our upcoming 1:1 workshop dedicated to that all important piece of paper- Your CV! It will be an informal workshop which will give you the opportunity to show us your CV and receive tips/suggestions on how to make it look as attractive as possible to potential employers. We will be giving you [...]

“The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear”.

Before I joined the recruitment world I was a PA for many years and, at different stages of my career, was looking for a new role. I registered with many PA recruitment agencies, some small and some more established ones, perhaps 10 in total. I must admit that I was quite disheartened by the whole [...]

A 2min Interview with Laila Kreaa- a top EA working for a successful private equity firm in London

Last week we interviewed a high-flying Executive Assistant, Laila Kreaa, who has been supporting the extremely busy CEO of a top private equity firm for over 4 years. Her role is not for the faint-hearted but most definitely rewarding! What are your main responsibilities? Everything and Anything! I am the executive assistant to the CEO – which also includes being the [...]

Don’t judge a company by its industry

Many candidates often think that working in finance as a PA means being based in an ultra corporate quiet office looking at numbers all day and having to follow strict rules and regulations whilst not really showing much of your personality. Thankfully, that is definitely not the case. Firstly, like most industries the finance world [...]

87 Coffees

It has now been 2 months since TalentYard officially launched and we’ve enjoyed (almost!) every minute of it. We have drunk 87 coffees, 10 glasses of wine, travelled all over London, shook over 200 hands and read 1000s of CVs. We met with over 50 clients and placed superstar candidates whom we can’t wait to [...]

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PAs, the unsung heroes of the office

Being a personal assistant is now much more than the stereotypical 1960s secretary you see in Mad Men. Gone are the days when PAs would spend the majority of their working time typing and re-typing letters. It is now very common for top PAs to also take on HR functions, manage crucial events or conferences, oversee major office moves [...]

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Every #CharityTuesday we offer free guidance and tips on CVs so do call us if you have any questions. I personally do not know many people who actually enjoy writing their CVs. Many of us tend to do it at the last minute in moments of desperation and just at the start of their job [...]

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