Finding the right venue to meet with our candidates is not always that easy. Particularly as we are quite fussy. For us, the right level of noise is crucial- too quiet and you end up having an audience, too loud and you leave the meeting completely confused and tired from straining to hear. The right venue also has to have enough space to sit down without being too close to the next door neighbour. Finally, the coffee. This wonderful energy elixir that helps us achieve the unachievable, travelling from Brixton to West Ealing in 30mins running underground at the speed of light; meeting with our busy candidates and clients all around London, making sure we know exactly what each one of you wants and finally- working our magic and matching our TalentYarders with our lovely clients. Yes, coffee plays a major part in making sure we perform all day long (and sometimes later in the evening too…).

Here are our top venues in London where we get our coffee (& talent) fix!

North London

  • Caravan Kings Cross 

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Very spacious, right level of background noise, amazing almond latte.

  • Ozone Coffee Roasters (Old Street) 

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On the busy side so before/after lunch is best. Great atmosphere and strong coffee, just how we like it.

Central London

Piccadilly Circus/ Soho

  • Tap Coffee

Check it out here

Relaxed environment, very friendly staff and high quality coffee.


  • FreeState Coffee

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On the smaller side so can get busy around lunchtime. Best to go first thing but worth getting up early.


  • The Attendant

Check it out here

On the quirky side (restored Victorian public convenience) and quite small but quiet in the morning/afternoon. Suits more relaxed interviews.

South London


As we are based in Brixton we have tried and test many coffee shops so this is our shortlist.

  • Stir Coffee

Check it out here

Very friendly staff, tables outside which is great in the summer. Fantastic coffee and very good quality too.

  • Federation Coffee

Check it out here

Closer to Brixton station (in the middle of Brixton village). Great vibe and quick service. Very good espresso.

  • Balance Café

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Very small so perhaps just a takeaway venue but great coffee and delicious pastries too.

  • Le DeliCorner

Located at 21 Upper Tulse Hill, Brixton, London SW2 2SD and a local’s favourite. Slightly far away from Brixton station but a fantastic venue and they serve excellent coffee. Takeaway too.

Please do send us your thoughts and suggestions, we love discovering a new coffee venue!

See you there!

TalentYard Team.