Our top tips on writing the perfect cover letter

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A cover letter is a fantastic way of demonstrating your suitability for a role but also offer an opportunity to show how you present yourself, how you communicate professionally and of course your written ability. A good cover letter may go unnoticed, but a bad one could cost you an interview. It is worth putting the time into making sure yours stands out from the crowd.

Research shows enthusiasm

The reader will want to see that you are keen, enthusiastic and passionate about your line of work and their company. Make sure that you have researched the role requirements and company culture/values. This will help you to think of the transferable skills/interests you have that would be valuable in that role.

Be specific

Much like in an interview, the reader wants to know two main things – why you want the job, and why you would be good at it. If you can be specific about why you want this job in particular over and above others, it will sound less generic. Also, try to be specific about what you can offer with regards to experience and skills.

Give examples

Giving real life examples of when certain skills have been used and developed means the reader can really see the value you can add. Rather than “I am a good communicator” (a phrase anyone can say) you could write that “I have liaised on a daily basis with clients and candidates in my current role which has helped me develop strong communication skills”. These don’t just have to come from professional experience but can be personal too!

Be personal

Don’t worry if you can’t find the hiring managers name, but if it is easy enough to find then it might be a nice touch. Don’t be afraid to show some of your personality in a cover letter, but do stay professional. You want to grab the reader’s attention but no need to try too hard to be original.

Ask someone to proofread your letter

There really is no excuse for poor punctuation, grammar or spelling mistakes in CVs or in a cover letter. Please read, re-read and ask someone to double check it for you. We are always happy to help proofread CVs or cover letters – please just ask!