How could you benefit from Career Coaching?

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Career Coaching

Finding satisfaction in your career can be the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. It can change your life, and make you feel more productive, more appreciated and more satisfied. If you are trying to find a joyful, satisfying career in an unstable world and feel daunted by the process then career coaching might be for you.  

What is Career Coaching?

We all want to make a success of opportunities in life and work, but we may not know how to… career coaching helps us to unlock our awareness and help us to achieve success. Career coaching is not mentoring, teaching or offering advice, but rather working together to facilitate YOU in finding your own solution and taking action, which can be very empowering! You might explore your natural strengths, fears, what motivates you and discover your true, core values and by unlocking your awareness of yourself we are able to facilitate meaningful and lasting change.

Coaching can help with many areas in your career – whether you are looking for a complete career change but unsure where to begin, or whether you are feeling disgruntled in your current role but unable to pinpoint quite why or what to do about it. By discovering the kind of work you were meant to do, what your values are and what is most important to you to make you happy and what your natural strengths are you can begin to work through steps to move forward towards a more fulfilling career and a more balanced life.

What Coaching can help with –

  • Do you feel disengaged in your role and or/find it difficult motivating yourself
  • Are you finding new working patterns, i.e. working from home has presented new work challenges
  • Are you unsure what is the next step in your career
  • Are you going through a change in your personal life making a new work/life balance challenging?
  • Are you returning to work from a long break and wondering what the next step is – part time, new job, stay at old company and how to juggle new priorities?

 What coaching can do for you –   

  • Define your identity and ambitions and highlight what you should be giving your energy to
  • Establishing more balance and purpose
  • Harnessing new opportunities
  • Accelerating productivity and performance
  • Elevate leadership skills and build confidence
  • Enhance wellbeing – work/life balance
  • Build confidence and self-worth – you can get that promotion/pay rise/dream job!
  • Increase job satisfaction and overall fulfilment
  • Gain clarity over your goals and hit greater levels of gratification
  • Discover your purpose and bring meaning into your work/life
  • Transform working relationships – foster deeper connections with colleagues or learn how to implement healthy boundaries

If career coaching is something you feel you might be interested in or benefit from then please do get in touch with us at TalentYard, as we have in-house coach Susie Hughes who has been educated and certified by The University of Cambridge. Susie is Head of Talent at TalentYard and has worked in recruitment for over 14 years. She is passionate about supporting individuals in making the right decisions in their career. With a warm and natural empathy for others, Susie has a nurturing yet direct approach and empowers individuals through mutual trust and accountability.

Email or call 07487 858 693 for an intro chat to discuss how we might be able to help.