How to prepare for a post Covid-19 job search

The world is looking very different right now and with a huge number of people currently looking for a job it is crucial to make sure you take the necessary steps to adapt to this new market.

Here are ways you can increase your chances of securing a role post Covid-19 market:

Update your CV and social media presence: make sure your CV is the best it has ever been and tailored to the roles you are looking for. Make sure your social media profiles are up to date. There are many online articles and tools you can use to optimise your online presence.

Consider temping: more and more employers are taking on temporary workers rather than committing to permanent employees. Now is the time to consider temping and build a great reputation within the company to increase your chances of potentially securing a permanent contract. Temping is also a brilliant way to gain new skills and experience working within different sectors. You will never waste your time temping.

Online networking: unfortunately securing a job at the moment is not as easy as it used to be pre Covid-19. The job market is extremely competitive and recruitment agencies are receiving a huge number of applications every day so it is a good idea to think outside the box. We recommend online networking. There are many online networking tools at the moment and virtual networking events where you can “meet” people and grow your professional network. It may take a few meetings to build your confidence but it is definitely worth it and good to get out of your comfort zone!

Keep an open mind about your career: even though many industries have had to pause their hiring plans  other sectors have thrived this year and definitely need additional support. So if you have always wanted to work within events it might be a good idea to consider other avenues for now or perhaps looking into working around online webinars or conferences.

Boost your skills: you may have more time on your hands now so use this free time to learn new skills and/or develop current ones. Your future potential employer will be impressed to see you have utilised your personal time to develop your professional skillset. There are many free online courses at the moment within accounting, HR, marketing, etc.

Video interview:  become familiar with the world of video interviewing. Practice with your friends and do some research on best practices. There are many great tips online such as making sure you look directly into the webcam to make eye contact, paying attention to the tone of your voice, etc.

Keep positive: all of these changes may seem a little daunting at first but once you start the process and get some practice in it will all become easy. Don’t worry if you’ve messed up your interview there will be others and it is such a great learning curve. Everyone is having to adapt to this new way of interviewing so you are definitely not alone.

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