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At TalentYard we are very much used to flexible working including working from home. Here are some tips from our consultants which you may find helpful:

Routine: make sure you have a working weekday routine with an alarm set early enough for you to get ready, have your breakfast and coffee, and make sure your phone and laptop are working ok. During busier times we do sometimes work until late but it is important to stick to your working hours for your own wellbeing and to follow a healthy work/life balance.

Space: not everyone has the space for an actual home office but there are ways to create a good working environment to encourage your productivity and enable you to focus all day long. Make sure your desk has enough light and fresh air- near a window is ideal- and without too much outside noise to make sure all your phone calls run smoothly. In our opinion a tidy desk means a tidy mind so minimise clutter as much as possible. Muji for example offer brilliant organising tools and boxes to create this minimal style.

Breaks: taking breaks when working from home can seem a little odd but breaks (in the office or at home) are very important particularly if you are staring at your screen all day. We recommend you take two 15mins breaks during the day and a lunch break too. Make yourself a nice cuppa and listen to a podcast or go for a quick walk around the block for some fresh air. It really will make a difference to your productivity and help you concentrate better.

Interaction: make sure you keep in touch with your colleagues throughout the day as working from home does not mean working alone. We always make sure we check in with everyone via our dedicated WhatsApp group and share a few giggles too! Daily catch up calls are also essential to make sure everyone is on the same page. We also try to work together at our office at least once a week as physical interaction is so important too.

Planning ahead: unfortunately you will not have an IT team in your house ready to help if you encounter any tech issue. We recommend making sure you have a plan b if something happens or a contact you could use at short notice as you don’t want to be without a laptop for weeks.

We hope these working from home tips are helpful to you.

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