We are delighted to welcome our new Senior Consultant Liz Yearwood to the team! With an impressive PA and recruitment background we know she will add brilliant expertise and great energy to the office.

  • Tell us a bit about your background and why you joined TalentYard this year?

Since completing my degree in 2005 I’ve had quite a interesting career to date – from running a hectic front desk at a 5* hotel in Hollywood, to working on healthcare campaigns at an international Public Relations company and more recently supporting high net worth individuals as a PA. I fell into recruitment by chance whilst searching for a new role and I’ve never looked back since! My decision to join TalentYard was an easy one to make. Having worked with both Marion and Susie before, I know they are the ultimate recruitment dream team! Their professionalism, high standards and honesty can sometimes be hard to find in our industry so it was important to me to join a company that provides an excellent service to clients and candidates along with a genuine and caring approach.

  • What is PA recruitment to you and how do you think your experience as a PA has helped you in PA recruitment?

PA recruitment to me is really interesting – there is a lot more to it than many people think. Not only is it our job to find the right candidate with the proper skills, we also need to ensure we match the right personalities. PAs and other support staff need to be able to read their Principals with the ability to anticipate their needs. In order for that to happen effectively it is imperative that the client and candidate understand the nature of the people they will be working with which is why we like to get to know everyone we meet as much as possible so we can get it right. Being a PA before has really given me an insight as I have experienced both sides of the coin. I’ve been in a position where the fit was not right for me so I understand just how important this is.

  • Your top 5 tips to candidates?
  1. Firstly, please ensure your CV is in excellent order. Grammar and spelling mistakes are an absolutely no no and keep the formatting clear and simple. This is the first impression we will get of you so make sure this represents you properly.
  2. Phone manner – this is something that many people over look however it is a really important to me in the recruitment process. Your CV might be immaculate but we can ascertain a lot in a 5 minute phone conversation. We want to help you get that dream job so a positive and friendly attitude will help you get there faster!
  3. Presentation –personal presentation is, obviously, something that needs to be considered. My tip would be to always slightly over dress, keep things neutral, clean and sharp but most importantly make sure you are comfortable (within reason!). You don’t want any distractions during your interview.
  4. Be realistic – so I’d love to star as the lead in a musical in the west end (see the next question!) however, there is a problem…I can’t sing and I hate public speaking. What I am saying is, if a role requires 10 years’ experience and you only have 2 years’ experience or the role is 24/7 but you have after work commitments, the likelihood is you aren’t going to be put forward for it. Don’t be disappointed. It’s not that we don’t think you are a great candidate, you just aren’t right for that role.
  5. Be honest and open with us – there is nothing more horrifying to me than the thought of pushing someone into interviewing for or accepting a job they know, deep down, is not right for them. Believe me, we will not be offended or look at you unfavourably if you decide a role isn’t right for you and the sooner you let us know that, the better.  At TalentYard we want to build lasting relationships with our candidates so honest dialogue is key.
  • What would you do if you were not working in recruitment?

As I said in the last question, the unattainable dream job would be to star in a West End musical but for now I’ll have to make do with belting out Phantom of the Opera numbers to my kids. Otherwise, I would have loved to be a historical documentary producer. I studied History and am a massive history geek. Anne Boleyn and Boadicea are my favourite historical personalities.

  • Favourite meeting venue in London?

Anywhere with a good view and decent coffee. I know how hard it is for candidates to get out during work hours so if you know of somewhere close to work that has either of the above I’d be more than happy to meet you there!

  • What do you do outside of work?

With two small kids I seem to spend a lot of time either at playgroups or guzzling coffee (and cake…) at the play café. But when I do get time to myself I like to cook, visit historic buildings and go on mini road trips to towns and villages I’ve never been before. I also love a bit of stand up comedy – that is watching not performing.