Our top useful & motivational social media accounts

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If you are anything like us then one of your New Year’s Resolutions will be to use social media a whole lot less. But more than this we would just like to be a little more mindful about who and what we invite into our minds. Useful, positive, motivational and productive content is super valuable and we are here for it!

Here is a little list of some of our favourite accounts – we hope you enjoy!

@capitalmoments – tips and advice on careers, personal finance and news to boost commercial awareness.

@howtoglitteraturd – Kris has lived with stage 4 breast cancer since 2009 and is life affirming, honest, sometimes raw and wholly refreshing and uplifting. A real positive energy.

@mybumppay – a really useful account for working parents, offering advice and guidance on maternity leave, returning to work and all things to help you thrive and get the right balance as a working parent.

@simplepolitics – because the news is all a bit much these days… it is an opportunity to keep up to date without being dragged into too much negative rhetoric. Simple, up to date and factual info.

@playful_den – offering insight into how to invite more play into our lives. Finding moments of joy in the everyday, and inspiring us seize opportunities to play and lean into the things we enjoy.

@whatifHR – an HR professional giving advice to individuals and small businesses on HR practices and addressing common queries

@Pregnant_then_screwed – fantastic charity and campaign group for mums and parents returning to work and generally working to end the gender pay gap and general gender discrimination.

@humourous_resources – because let’s face it, the 9-5 is a funny old world and we all need a bit of humour to help along the way.

We hope these are some enjoyable accounts for you. Always on the look-out for more inspiration – please get in touch with any others you would like to add to the list!

As always, we would love to hear from you.