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This month we interviewed Vicky, a talented Private PA with an international background supporting high net worth individuals. All of her roles have been very intense assisting high profile clients in a variety of sectors managing international properties, renovations, organising impressive events, and much more! Working under pressure is second nature to her and she wouldn’t have it any other way.


  • What is a typical day as a Private PA? 

​I wouldn’t say there are “typical” days. Each day is different, filled with lots of changes, surprises and are completely varied. However regular tasks would include going over the day with my principal, shuffling and re-shuffling meetings as everything changes usually, (re-)booking flights, hotels, sourcing items, researching gifts, properties, liaising with household staff about an upcoming event, checking-in with the driver(s), updating the principal with some feedback on anything important that has come in during the day, etc!


  • What are the challenges in your role? 

​To be able to anticipate your principal’s needs before he/she even thinks of them and always having a plan B and C ready. And of course to keep smiling!


  • ​What advice would you give to our candidates who want to become a Private PA and what are the key skills you need to secure this type of role? 

​​Key skills are being able to see the whole puzzle, to be able to think outside of the box and do good networking. Being on good terms with other EA’s & PA’s is also important as there will come a time when you have a favor to ask.


  • ​Have you always wanted to be a Private PA? 

​Haha no! I actually wanted to become a lawyer with a minor in Sports Science. Like many others, I found myself down the line with things having gone differently and asking myself what to become. I wanted a role where I wouldn’t have to decide on the industry. Being a Private PA allows me to work in all kinds of sectors.


  • ​What is the funniest/most unusual situation you have found yourself in at work? 

​​I was travelling with the principals and we had just arrived at the hotel. I stayed behind to grab a few things out of the car. As I turned around to walk into the hotel, there was this paparazzi who started taking pictures of me. I was so surprised I didn’t even know how to react.


  • What is the most exciting thing about your job, or what is the thing you love the most about being a private PA? 

​That no two days are the same and that I constantly have to keep on my toes to stay three steps ahead. I meet a lot of interesting people and get to see a different “world”.


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