You’ve spent hours working on your CV, days preparing for your interview(s), and for some frustrating reason you were unable to secure this role you so wanted. Throughout the years Susie and I have noticed how small changes can really make a huge impact on your job search and securing that dream role. Here are a few tips we have “collected” throughout the years from our experience with candidates/clients:


       Before the interview process


  • As the power of social media grows each day it is crucial that you review each of your social media accounts (generally LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and make sure that whatever is made public is something you would feel confident sharing with your future boss. This sadly can sometimes make or break a placement which can easily be corrected by spending just a few minutes online.
  • Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for and ensure it is neatly formatted and with no errors. Ask for it to be proofread if you are unsure, we are more than happy to help.


        During and after the interview process


  • Have a look at our blog post “How to nail your job interview” which includes some useful tips around the interview process.
  • Ahead of the interview, do your research and think of lots of insightful questions about the company and role and make sure those questions represent you – the sorts of questions you ask say a lot about your priorities and the things you hold most important.
  • Try to hide your nerves and come across as positive as possible. Employers want to hire positive and enthusiastic candidates who will bring great energy to the team.
  • Make sure they know that you understand the role and are keen on that role for the long term – not using it as a stepping stone to get into an industry you want, or just because you need any job!
  • Keep in touch with your recruiter throughout the search process and make sure they know you are very interested in the role so we can do our best to help you secure it.
  • Try being flexible with scheduling interviews as much as possible or else the interviewer might worry that you are not that interested in the role. Make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible to keep that momentum.
  • If possible, make sure that you are happy with the salary and benefits at the start of the process, it usually becomes tricky to renegotiate your salary during final interviews and the client might lose interest (and patience).
  • Please confirm your holidays dates to your recruiter, there is nothing worse than mentioning a 3 week holiday at the end of the search process to your (potential) future employer.
  • Be honest with your recruiter – if you have final interviews elsewhere and feel torn, just say. We are in a better place to help you if we are informed. We completely empathise and understand that this is a big step, and you want to be sure you are getting things right. We want to work together with you to find your dream role, and we are on your side!


We hope these tips will come in useful to you and remember we are always here to help throughout your search process! It is our job to make sure you secure the role you want.


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