We asked our candidates for some advice & tips on work life, wellbeing in the office and anything that may be useful at some point in your career! We hope you find these helpful 😊

Sabrina, Executive Assistant:

  • On Friday afternoon send your boss a little report of the important meetings coming up and things happening around the office with bullet points day by day over the next week
  • Write down every evening on a post-it the things to focus on the next day.
  • When your boss is travelling check there is a big enough desk in the hotel room if he/she is planning to do some work there.
  • If the Eurostar is 2h or more late, you are due a partial refund…always ask for it when it occurs! You will need the ticket number for that…

Lizzie, Receptionist:

  • When I am having a stressful week at work I make sure I use my “Headspace” app once a day (15mins at least each time) during my break. It really helps me focus for the rest of the day.
  • Always be polite to everyone, you never know when you might meet this person again and it could well be your next interviewer!

Martha, Personal Assistant

  • Turn off your work phone when on holiday if you can. Completely switching off from work will make a huge difference and you will feel like a new person when you return to work.
  • Try and exercise during the week, even when you feel tired. You will have more energy the next day and be able to focus more.
  • When asked what are your weaknesses at an interview be honest and focus more on what steps you are taking to improve yourself. Honesty goes a long way and your interviewer will really appreciate it.

Tom, Account Manager

  • If you feel stressed take 5mins off and go for a little walk around the block, it will really help.
  • Don’t let bad work days affect you too much, every day is different and there is always a solution.
  • Always arrive on time at an interview, if you arrive too early the interviewer may feel awkward as he/she may still be with a candidate.

Lucy, Private PA

  • Focus on building great relationships with everyone and don’t hesitate to do someone a favour, you never know when you might need their help.
  • Get yourself a little notebook where you can keep record of good addresses or contacts gathered via word of mouth. It will become a very valuable tool as a Private PA!

Emily, PA

  • Make sure your boss has a paper version of his/her travel itinerary as well as an electronic one, always have a plan B!
  • I love attending events and networking with other PAs, it is always interesting to find out what is out there and how I can add more value to my role.
  • Call me old school but I still keep an A to Z in my bag just in case my phone stops working.