What Covid-19 has taught us…

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on all of our lives, it has been an intense few months and it looks like things might not improve any time soon. This devastating pandemic has shaken the global economy and affected many businesses. It has also given organisations the chance to press the reset button and consider new ways of working.

At TalentYard Covid-19 has taught us a few things…

The importance of human interaction

Keeping in touch with everyone on a personal and professional level is very important. As well as regularly Zoom calls we also have a WhatsApp group where we can all communicate in an informal way, share photos, links etc.

It’s all about teamwork

Working from home is great but we also need to remind ourselves that recruitment is also about teamwork. It is important that everyone is kept up to date with what is going on in the business. It is easy to do so in an open plan office but not so much when everyone is working from home. Making sure everyone knows which roles are active and which candidates have recently registered with us is crucial.

Shall I just restart my laptop?

Covid-19 has certainly taught us that IT consultants are our modern day saviours. We’ve had a few technical issues in the last few months and it did make us realise how we value our IT heroes. Thank you Vincent!

Client & candidate care

We have known many of our clients for a long time and it has been very important for us to keep in touch with everyone and offer any support where we can. Likewise with our candidates, we have offered our help with CVs, interview tips, career advice etc. As we have had less roles on we have had more time to catch up with everyone. It certainly has been tough at times to hear about redundancies and businesses struggling but it has also been insightful and heartwarming to see how much support and solidarity there is out there.

A good podcast

Keeping up to date with new recruitment trends is important particularly at the moment where so many changes are happening. We have enjoyed listening to many insightful podcasts which we have found very helpful from advice on business development, which sectors are growing at the moment, etc. Also a good way to feel a little less lonely when working from home.

A routine

A good daily routine has been more important than ever. We wrote a blog at the start of the pandemic on How to Work from Home efficiently- read it here.

Work/life balance

In the last few months we have had the luxury to be able to spend more quality time with our families at home. Our director Marion moved to the Lake District and went for regular swims in the lake, our colleague Susie enjoyed more time with her young baby and Liz made the most of home schooling 😉. As numbers of Covid-19 cases rose it made us refocus on what is most important in life- our loved ones.

Being thankful

Finally the last few months have also made us realise that recruitment is all about human interactions. And even though we have not had many physical meetings, we have still enjoyed catching up with everyone, and we will always find a way to continue building brilliant relationships because that’s what TalentYard is all about. Thank you to our wonderful candidates and clients for your patience, loyalty and support.


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