Before I joined the recruitment world I was a PA for many years and, at different stages of my career, was looking for a new role. I registered with many PA recruitment agencies, some small and some more established ones, perhaps 10 in total. I must admit that I was quite disheartened by the whole process. I felt that many consultants would mis-sell the role in order to secure their fees, or completely ignore my emails/calls if they did not have anything suitable for me. Even the actual registration process was soul destroying when I had to fill in at least 10 different forms only to meet with a consultant for 5 mins and she obviously had not even read the first page of my CV beforehand. One consultant wanted to put me forward for an accounts assistant role when I clearly had zero interest in accounting and not really the right skills for it.

However one agency really made me realise that not all recruitment agencies were a waste of time. This particular agency was tiny, with 5 consultants and the most adorable English bulldog. The office was open plan and the minute I walked through the door everyone welcomed me in such a lovely friendly way I felt comfortable and at ease straight away. I only filled in one form, had my passport photocopied in record time and spent a good hour talking to my dedicated consultant. She then introduced me to everyone and I really felt that they genuinely enjoyed their job and were really keen to find me a great role. And they did.

After gaining recruitment experience I decided it was time to take the plunge and set up my own business; and I am really glad I did. We definitely have our bad days when we may not be our cheerful selves, or we may sometimes take a few minutes to remember your name (I must admit I am dreadful with names- great with faces though!) but we genuinely enjoy meeting all of you around a coffee and building great relationships. Of course we want and have to make it a profitable business and we may be strict when selecting the best candidates for each role. However, we love what we do and we try to be as honest as possible with each one of you. Interview feedback is essential and even though the clients’ comments may come across as quite harsh sometimes we feel that they are ever so important to our candidates. So many agencies do not bother taking the time to discuss interview feedback with their clients which is a real shame. We also support each other and I genuinely believe that taking the time to do things the right way will make a difference.

We want you to receive the best service possible so if you have any comments, good and bad, please do drop us an email or call us. Feedback goes both ways so do let us know if there are things we are not doing right.

We are also now able to register candidates on Saturdays too from 9am until 12pm which means that you can meet with us outside of working hours and without feeling too stressed about having to go back to work.

We look forward to meeting you!

Marion Barry