Gain transformational change and clarity in your work life with TalentYard Career Coaching. Finding satisfaction in your career can be the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. It can change your life, and make you feel more productive, more appreciated and more satisfied.

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If you are trying to find a joyful, satisfying career in an unstable world and feel daunted by the process – Susie, our in-house Coach, is here to help you.


Whether you are looking for a complete career change but unsure where to begin, or whether you are feeling disgruntled in your current role but unable to pinpoint quite why or what to do about it – Susie can help. By discovering the kind of work you were meant to do, what your values are and what is most important to you to make you happy and what your natural strengths are Susie can begin to work through steps to move forward towards a more fulfilling career and a more balanced life.

In Susie’s one-to-one coaching sessions we explore your natural strengths, fears, what motivates you and discover your true, core values and by unlocking your awareness of yourself we are able to facilitate meaningful and lasting change.

  • Are you unsure what is the next step in your career
  • Are you finding new working patterns, ie working from home has presented new work challenges
  • Would you like to ask for a pay rise/feel you are owed a promotion but not sure how to approach this
  • Are you unsure whether to stay it out at your current job or move on and find something new?
  • Are you unsure what is the next step in your career
  • Are you going through a change in your personal life making a new work/life balance challenging?
  • Are you returning to work from a long break and wondering what the next step is – part time, new job, stay at old company and how to juggle new priorities?
  • Define your identity and ambitions and highlight what you should be giving your energy to
  • Establishing more balance and purpose
  • Harnessing new opportunities
  • Accelerating productivity and performance
  • Elevate leadership skills and build confidence
  • Enhance wellbeing – work/life balance
  • Build confidence and self-worth – you can get that promotion/pay rise/dream job!
  • Increase job satisfaction and overall fulfilment
  • Gain clarity over your goals and hit greater levels of gratification
  • Discover your purpose and bring meaning into your work/life
  • Transform working relationships – foster deeper connections with colleagues or learn how to implement healthy boundaries


Susie has enjoyed a successful career in sourcing and nurturing talent for individuals and organisations from top theatre producers and artist managers to international not-for-profit organisations and private equity firms. After graduating in History, Susie began her career in HR within the public sector but for the last 6 years she has been working within a top London based recruitment agency and leading a successful team. Having also worked within account management for one of the UK’s most well established household-name charities, Susie has been able to work on-site to create strong, strategic partnerships and drive change to increase client satisfaction during the lead up to their main annual campaign.

With what she has been told is a warm and natural empathy for others, Susie believes that finding the right talent means nurturing and building genuine relationships to ensure she creates sustainable and long term partnerships between clients and candidates. Susie was excited to join TalentYard in order to push boundaries and break the stereotype of what it means to work within the recruitment industry. Originally from Yorkshire, Susie has been living in London for 7 years but still loves to visit the Dales and the Moors for a good walk and a pub roast.

T: +44 203 866 8931  |  M: +44 7487 858693  |  E:


Do you have a particular issue or a practical issue you need some support with? Or perhaps you are facing time pressures and need some clarity on the best next step.

The “Quick Fix” is a 2 hour 1-1 workshop with Susie – working through some of the immediate issues you are facing and devising a way forward. We will work efficiently and make full use of the two hours – I will introduce you to the concepts we use in the longer coaching programmes and take the most valuable elements and put them to use. This will also include access to additional bonus prompts for you to take away so you can always refer back to the work we did in the session.

The Quick Fix is for you if

  • You have a specific and immediate challenge or decision that you would like support with
  • You would like to lift a cloud of doubt or need a boost of support, clarity or confidence to tackle a specific issue
  • You are feeling time pressured
  • You feel ready to make a change

What you get

1 X 120 minute 1-1 session with Susie

Access to guides and resources

Email/WhatsApp contact with Susie up to two weeks after the course

A follow up “reflection” call.

  • A real deep dive into what make you YOU. The focus here is how we can capitalise on your natural strengths. This is a 6 week coaching programme designed to help you find more clarity and confidence in your career long term and make work, work for you. This includes six weekly 1-1 coaching sessions of approximately 1 hour each, plus unlimited email/WhatsApp support throughout and the use of explorative tools to discover your career anchors, motivations and natural strengths. This course will take a holistic approach and I will work closely with you to guide you through the concepts and principles. At the end of this course you will have a much stronger understanding of yourself and therefore much greater confidence in making informed and conscious choices. You will also have access to bonus prompt cards at the end of the course so you can refer back to what you have learned. We will document the journey to make sure we take value from the lessons we have learned and you can refer back to the course at any time to reevaluate where you are.


    The Commitment Programme is for you if

    • You are looking for real transformational change and clarity in work/life
    • You would benefit from accountability and ongoing support
    • You are feeling ready for change and motivated to take action


    What you get

    6 x 60 minute, weekly 1-1 sessions with Susie

    Access to follow up notes, guides and resources

    Email/WhatsApp contact with Susie throughout the 6 week course

    Follow up “reflection” call

If you are unsure which type of coaching you will benefit the most from, or if you have any questions at all about any of the programmes please get in touch with Susie for a no obligation exploratory chat. This is Susie’s passion and she will be delighted to discuss coaching with you to see if she can help.

T: +44 203 866 8931