How to become a celebrity PA

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Securing a career as a celebrity PA comes with its own set of challenges and this 24/7 job might not suit everyone. If you however enjoy a very busy, varied and unpredictable work life then this career could be a good fit for you.

  • Build up your private PA experience

If you are starting from scratch you first need to build up your administrative/PA experience so start from the bottom and make your way up to a PA position. Once you have gained general PA experience try to secure a PA role with private PA duties even if it is a 80/20 split or ask your employer if you could take on more personal PA tasks in the future.

  • Learn new skills

Many Celebrity PAs have additional skills on top of being excellent PAs. Some have intermediate to advanced language skills, others have property or house management experience. Other skills that may help you secure your Celebrity PA role could be IT skills, social media management, or even PR skills. Try and think what your ideal employer would require from a Private PA and then find out how you can secure these skills.

  • Check your online presence

A good Celebrity PA understands discretion and confidentiality. Ideally all of your social media accounts should be in private mode. Also do Google your name to see if there is anything online that may compromise your future career as a Celebrity PA. If you really want to keep your social media profiles public make sure you don’t overshare details of your work life as this might put a potential employer off.

  • Build your confidence

Confidence is a key quality for this type of role. There is huge competition in the Celebrity PA world and the best way to secure your dream role is to really believe that you are the best person to do the job. This role is very much 1 to 1 and your future employer will need reassurance from you that he/she has selected the best profile possible to support them. Being a Celebrity PA can sometimes be very intense and will require a lot of resilience. You will need to demonstrate this quality during the interview process and show that you can handle high pressured and ever changing situations.

  • Ask for advice

Asking for advice will help you get to where you want to be. Use social media platforms to ask for any guidance in securing a Private PA role and how to gain more relevant experience. Specialised recruitment agencies like TalentYard are also a good starting point as recruitment consultants will have worked on these roles before and understand what is required in terms of profile and experience. 


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